About Us

Our Mission

“To enhance the education of Monterey Peninsula Unified School District (MPUSD) students by building and sustaining community support.”

Who We Are

We are independent community members from Monterey, Marina, Seaside, Sand City and Del Rey Oaks who believe in public education. The Education Foundation for MPUSD is committed to enhancing the education of Monterey Peninsula Unified School District students by building and sustaining community support.

We are a nonprofit (501c3) foundation. Our initial focus is on establishing an enduring institution to foster support and involvement in public education.

What We Do

We are about enhancing the student’s learning experiences by providing resources for core curriculum support (such as math, science and reading tutors) and extra-curricular programs (such as art, music and speech).

The lifeblood of our foundation is money for the support of education. We solicit funds for general needs as well as specific programs. Our vehicles for meeting these goals include direct fundraising, grants, endowments, pledges, in-kind donations, and annual events.

One of our long-term goals is to create a self-sustaining endowment that will make a permanent contribution to education in our community.

How We Operate

We are committed to the on-going improvement of public education through the fostering of public and private partnerships, proactive public relations, soliciting direct donations, hosting events, and creating an endowment to sustain the educational support for present and future students.

To facilitate the equitable distribution of our resources, we will maintain an open dialogue with students, parents, teachers, administrators, community and business leaders, and other concerned citizens, to identify and prioritize the needs of our students. Many of us are concerned about both core and extracurricular activities.

The Education Foundation for MPUSD is governed by a Board of Directors that is drawn from all facets of our diverse coastal community and through its by-laws. The structure and operation is designed to maintain the public trust and to build a lasting organization to accomplish our mission. Meetings are open to the public and we encourage participation by all who are interested.